…she took a personal interest in my future… An American in Germany,

I had the pleasure of working with Frau Sauter in 2018 as I weighed the option of becoming self-employed or to maintain my current status as an employee. My interaction with Frau Sauter reminded me of getting advice from a trusted family friend who took a personal interest in my future. I felt that Frau Sauter was invested in my idea and she truly believed that I had found a market niche that I could fill. In our interactions with each other it was as if she was coaching me and I was teaching her about the industry I wanted to become self-employed in. I felt well-prepared to go into my interview with the bank to obtain a loan, and without her coaching I think my presentation would have been quite sad looking. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone with a dream and a plan to carry out that dream but is not sure how to obtain a loan, what a business plan should look like or what sort of financial paperwork needs to be filed with the authorities. Anyone who is looking at becoming self-employed should be passionate about obtaining their goal, and that is another reason to choose Frau Sauter as she was passionate about what I had in mind for my self-employment and seemed to immerse herself in my industry as her coaching progressed. In the end, I decided to maintain my status as an employee; however, I feel it was important for me explore my dream so that it did not always remain an unexplored dream. Frau Sauter’s coaching helped me to think realistically about my plans, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Since I have decided to remain with my employer I would prefer to remain anonymous on the website, but if I could be of help if there is a potential client where my experience with her might help them make a decision I would be willing to share my experience.


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